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What video camera do you use?

I use two Canon XH-A1 video cameras (3 x 1/3 inch chips). Shoots in HDV and allows me to connect two microphones so I can get good audio in front of the camera and at a chosen location at all times.

Do you use lapel microphones to mike up the groom?

I have done in the past. I have found it better to have a shotgun microphone wirelessly hidden near the area that the service is taken place. I have found grooms to rub the microphone and sing very loudly when attached too them.

How long after the wedding can I expect my DVDs?

Anything from one week to two months. Generally weddings shot at the beginning of the season in June are edited sooner than those shot at the end of the season in August when there is a backlog.

What if I'm not happy about something on the DVD?

There is a lot of time spent on the creative process and people like different things. It is important to let me know what you like before I shoot and edit. Having said that if there are any little mistakes such as a black video or the disk is damaged then that would be resolved no problem.

As previously mentioned I am a Member of the institute of Videographers and were you not happy with my work you could approach them and they would adjudicate.

To date I have not had a problem.



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