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Why use me?

You should expect your videographer to be creative, qualified, experienced & reliable. I hope to evidence my suitability below.

I began my formal training in Videography at Maidenhead college in 1997 where I gained a distinction. At this time digital video was just coming in.

I then became an audio visual designer for Intersurgical in Wokingham, who I still undertake corporate work for today.

You may find people who have cheap video cameras, tripods, supports and some basic editing software that can get some nice shots of your day. At least the parts of it that are outside in the sun, lots of nice shots of happy people chatting over the hum of the camera tape..

The problems start when you are indoors like in the church or reception venue. This is where expensive cameras with three large photosensitive chips (one for each or the primary colours) is important. The quality between cameras, at this point, becomes quite apparent.

The microphone needs to be away from the camera body and manually controlled to avoid adding hiss to the quiet parts of the service and get a good rendition of the speeches.

Shots need to be gathered in such a way that the whole DVD can be edited neatly together. Removing unwelcome zooms and pans that are required during the ceremony to move from the couple to the guest's reactions, by neatly using pre-planned fill shots.

While panning the guests an on camera microphone will shift away from the service and the words for the registrar or priest will become quiet. This needs to be resolved in your shooting or by using an off camera microphone.

There is a wealth of experience and additional equipment required to reliably create beautiful wedding films. That's why you should only use qualified, insured, experienced videographers like me.


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